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In this page you can find some of my arrangements which I have created  during the last years either for myself or fpr my students.

Also, you can find many easy arrangements (for one, two or more guitars) which are mostly suitable for beginners. 

As you probably know, I am not allowed to sell my arrangements since the copyright belongs to the authors of the original songs. 

But , since I have worked a lot in order to create them, I would not like to have given them for free. 

Therefor, I am offering the following way to purchase them:

Intermediate arrangements


Buy my CD "An Introduction to a theme" (8Euro + shipping costs) and you will get two arrangements of your wish. 

Alternatively, If you wish to have only one arrangement, you can donate to my PayPal account 4 Euro.

In both cases, let me know after doing the payment, which score you wish to have.         




Easy arrangements

 Choose the amount you would like to donate and let me know which score you would like to have.

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Available Scores / intermediate  (Score or Tablature available)                                                                                   

  • Yesterday - The Beatles 

  • Es wird schon gleich dunkel - Traditional

  • Fly me to the moon - Standard

Available Scores / beginners    (Score or Tablature available)                                                                                          

  • Black Orpheus - Standard 

  • This is my land - Traditional

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