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Yorgos Nousis

Guitarist / Composer


Yorgos Nousis is a Greek guitar player, arranger and composer. His repertoire encompasses his own compositions, arrangements and improvisations: a mix of classical, flamenco and jazz elements influenced by the traditional Greek music. He is also a versatile artist and improvisor, playing a variety of genres including rock, classical, and traditional music. Since October 2016, he has been a member of the renowned Bratislava Guitar Quartet together with Martin Krajčo, Radka Krajčová and Miloš Slobodník whose career spans over two decades.

“Yorgos Nousis is a multi-faceted master guitarist,” wrote Paul Fowles in the Classical guitar magazine.

He has composed music for various chamber ensembles, films, rock bands, web series and exhibitions, whilst his focus is the guitar as a solo and ensemble instrument. Through his guitar compositions, he emphasizes the folk character of this instrument combined with its full palette of unique colors.

Nousis’ works and arrangements are published by the Doberman-Yppan in Canada, Schott-music in Germany and Papagrigoriou-Nakas in Greece and have been recorded and performed by worldwide musicians.

“Yorgos Nousis shows impressively how someone with the use of little or no resources, recurring motifs and devoid of all pathos can achieve the greatest possible effect,” wrote Michael Ternai in Music Austria (mica).

Yorgos has distinguished himself at international composition and guitar performance competitions in U.S.A, Italy, Turkey, Austria and Greece, earning top awards and praises.

He holds a degree in composition and performance from Haute École de musique de Genève in Switzerland with Dušan Bogdanović and degrees in guitar performance from the Athens State Conservatory in Greece and the Mozarteum Salzburg in Austria with Costas Cotsiolis and Mathias Seidel/ ass. Marco Tamayo accordingly.



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"Yorgos Nousis is a multi-faceted master guitarist" 

Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar Magazine

"Yorgos Nousis zeigt auf sehr beeindruckende Art, wie man mit wenigen Mitteln, immer wiederkehrenden Motiven und frei von allem Pathos die größtmögliche Wirkung erzielen kann"

Michael Ternai, mica

"Ο Νούσης μας παρέσυρε στον κόσμο της μουσικής του φαντασίας και με την μουσική του δημιουργικότητα αλλά και τις τεχνικές του αρετές"

Ιάσονας Φίλης, all about music


"Yorgos Nousis spielt ausnehmend sonor und klangbewusst"

Maximillian Trapp, Gitarre & Laute


"Yorgos establishes himself as one of those unique creative forces that give the likes of me plenty to write about"

Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar Magazine


"The simple but attractive sleeve design, clear recording quality, excellent level of playing and the music itself is all of high standard"

Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine


"Τα watt, η ισχύς, δεν είναι αναγκαστικό προνόμιο της καλωδιακής ενίσχυσης, αλλά της θέρμης τεσσάρων μουσικών , στην απόπειρά τους να υπερκεράσουν το προφανές"

Φώντας Τρούσας, dyskoryxeion


"Nousis delivered a brilliant and dynamic innings in which classical, jazz and flamenco influences were represented on a more or less equal footing. See him if you possibly can"

Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar Magazine

"The music is really suited to the guitars, and has a melody that sticks with you, as all good film themes ought to do"

Chris Dumigan,

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Yorgos is honoured to be D'Addario, Schertler and Sigletos guitars Artist


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